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The Child and Adolescent
Stuttering Treatment and
Activity Resource Guide
Second Edition

Peter R. Ramig, Ph.D.
Darrell M. Dodge, M.A.


"The Child and Adolescent Stuttering Treatment and Activity Resource Guide is exactly the publication I've been waiting for!

"Reader-friendly and practical, Ramig and Dodge eliminate much of the mystery out of assessment and treatment for children and adolescents with fluency disorders. From assessment strategies to developing an appropriate IEP to working with parents and teachers to providing basic treatment strategies explained in Part 1, this book is already worth its weight in gold. But even more exciting is Part 2, where the authors supply references to the research data and share hundreds of treatment ideas from their own and other clinicians' experience, providing the rational and support from experts in the field of fluency disorders for each treatment goal. Students in practicum and beginning clinicians will be able to adapt an appropriate treatment plan for their clients and experienced clinicians will find a wealth of new ideas and creative approaches.

"This book is a gem and belongs in every clinician's library."

Judith Kuster, Associate Professor
Minnesota State University, Mankato

"The Child and Adolescent Stuttering Treatment and Activity Resource Guide is a gold mine of therapy techniques and activities in which to teach them. The authors' clinical experiences shine through in their clear explanations of why, when, and how to employ a multitude of tools to increase fluency and make stuttering easier and more like normal speech. Anyone working with children or adolescents who stutter -- using almost any treatment approach--will find Ramig and Dodge's book to be a resource brimming with ideas for evaluation, treatment planning, and report writing."

Barry Guitar, Professor
University of Vermont

"Authors Peter Ramig and Darrell Dodge have created an outstanding resource for therapists and parents alike, one that is thorough yet readable, detailed yet practical, and helpful without understating what a complex and encompassing disorder stuttering can be. Packed with sound advice, useful information, therapeutic activities, and other diagnostic and treatment resources, The Child and Adolescent Stuttering Treatment and Activity Resource Guide should be regularly consulted by every speech-language pathologist treating children who stutter."

Dale Williams, Associate Professor
Florida Atlantic University

"We have a crisis need for helping SLP's work with children and adolescents who stutter and their families and teachers. This need is especially strong in the schools. This book will be very useful for practicing SLP's or graduate courses in stuttering. It will enhance knowledge about stuttering and improve skills in diagnostics, treatment, counseling, and goal writing.

"The book is well organized, is rich in practical material for diagnostics, therapy, and counseling, has 'state of the art' information for goal writing, and has excellent references for additional learning."

Judith Eckardt, MS, CCC-SLP
Board Recognized Fluency Specialist

"With the hallmark clarity for which Ramig is widely known, this book offers
perhaps the most useful treatment information since Van Riper. Ramig and Dodge gently guide the beginning clinician in practical and effective therapy methods while offering the veteran fluency specialist insights in effectively combining fluency shaping and stuttering modification techniques. These authors generously offer their vast clinical experience in a "cookbook meets cutting-edge techniques" approach. Kudos!!"

Susan Dietrich, Ph.D.
Harvard University

"I would recommend this book to all clinicians who work with children and
adolescents who stutter. It is packed with information and practical activities that will give clinicians confidence and competence in working with this often complex disorder of communication. The authors' writing style ensures that the reader is offered clear guidance as well as choice about the range of therapy options. In addition to the direct speech modification and fluency shaping aspect, clinicians will gain skills in managing the cognitive and affective components of the problem and discover the importance of involving parents and teachers throughout the therapy process. It is an excellent book."

Frances Cook
Principal Speech and Language Therapist
The Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children


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